Research and development

GreenCobot is a company born with a mission based on research and development. We want to develop for ourselves and our customers the best technologies capable of satisfying new and emerging problems required by the robotics market for handling and storage.

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GreenCobot faces new problems in the industrial world with competitive technologies; deals with research and development for personal enrichment for its robot lines, but also and above all for customers who face problems difficult to solve with current commercial technologies.

    Solving an apparently too onerous problem to face and solving it successfully is our mission for research and development. We experience new problems such as challenges and opportunities to be seized both for us and for our customers.

We face the technological challenges faced by customers with intellectual honesty. If a problem can be solved we face it with maximum concentration, analyzing in detail the ROI for the customer. It is of utmost importance for us that the customer sees his investment fruit with satisfaction. The evaluation of customer satisfaction in the long term and not exclusively in the immediate future is our ambition.

Research and technological development are our push

The passion that the founding members have always had towards technology and automation is continuously transmitted to the GreenCobot employees. The study of new technologies is what makes us visible and not secondary actors in the world of technological innovation.


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