Covid Scanner Access

Covid Scanner Access (GCM-082) is a device that helps to control entrances thanks to its face recognition system. It also contains a feature which involve infrared thermal imaging. It can work at the same time as a video surveillance system and physical blocking of accesses with the use of physical switches integrated in the device.



Covid Scanner Access Gate
Fever control

Covid Scanner Access is designed to automatically check the user's body temperature. If any abnormal value is present, such as a feverish state, the device is set in such a way as to immediately notify the anomaly, by issuing an alarm signal. This function actually contributes to making any type of operation that concerns the entry of people to the workplace or service easier and faster. It also performs automatic input recording with temperature detection as required by current laws.


Mask scanner and ID scanner

In addition to the infrared thermometer, users can also be informed by an acoustic signal if they are not wearing a protective face mask. The device can also be implemented by a database of identity documents that can help keep track of workers' inputs and times and user temperatures.

Application areas

Covid Scanner Access can have different areas of application, such as in any type of security control within the workplace, but also airports and stations, hospitals, schools and shopping centers. It is equipped with physical inputs and outputs, in order to block opening of doors or other automatic entry devices. It has https interface for remote control and rs485 interface for plc connection. It can function as a video surveillance system while continuing to perform the task of controlling and recording inputs.

Workplace Control

GreenCobot has filed patents for device ecosystems to make effective the control of the correct use of PPE in work environments required to comply with HACCP sanitation regulations. The ecosystem also monitors workers' hygienic-sanitary behaviors during working hours, signaling behavior at risk. This tool becomes an indispensable aid to make work efficient in compliance with HACCP regulations.

Using the same technology, risky health behaviors can also be traced in other work areas, such as offices and other public places.

Multiple recognition

GreenCobot has filed patents to integrate these devices and other cameras into an ecosystem of devices for the control of health security in the workplace. With this in mind, we also offer cameras capable of carrying out multiple facial recognitions, as well as multiple temperature controls, for active surveillance of company locations for the public.

Accessories available

Covid Scanner Access can be installed and equipped for any type of need: it can be flanked by accessories for installation on a table, on a totem or on wall. It can also be mounted on automatic doors and entrance turnstiles.


Additional Features
Automatic temperature check

The device can check body temperature with a ≤ ± 0.3° C accuracy.

Mask detection

The system automatically checks mask presence and informs the user.


Cleansing Gel Optional

If installed on a totem, the device can also be equipped with a clensing gel dispenser.

Social Distance Optional

The device can also be equipped with a particular vision system to help maintain the social distance between workers in closed places up to 50 square meters.


GreenCobot has filed patents for device ecosystems to make effective the control of the correct use of PPE in the work environments required to comply with HACCP sanitation regulations.

  • Facial recognition

  • High alarm sistem

  • Mask recognition

  • Video intercom

  • Access control

  • Infrared Thermometer

  • CE certified

  • 8 inch monitor size

  • Consumes below 13,5W

  • Quad core CPU

  • 1280*800 resolution

  • 200W pixel camera resolution

  • 2*3W Speaker

  • Supports various I/O ports

  • Ethernet & Wireless WiFi

  • High alarm supported

  • Infrared thermal imaging supported

  • ID database supported

  • 200MS accuracy recognition (up to 30K faces)

  • Thermal mesurament accuracy ≤± 0.3° C

Despite being designed and produced during the coronavirus worldwide crisis, Covid Scanner Access is not limited to be related only to the emergency mesuraments. The device in fact can be more implemented (previous local upgrade) by a special recognition system that can detect, besides masks, also other types of induments, like gowns, hats, or shoes. Additional features like this can meet of course a whole lot of different applications, but are particularly indicated for every working place that may require strict hygene-sanitary rules, like hospitals, labs, food factories.

Covid Scanner Access, thanks to it's wide internal memory database, is also a great device for those who just need a gate security system.