Technical Service

GreenCobot has developed a cutting-edge technical and operational support system. We carry out inspections and remote controls, as well as teaching sessions, all while maintaining high standards of service quality. Through the remote control SSH tunneling we can act maintaining the best security and data protection on the machines of our customers.

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We have tested an effective webcam surveillance system that can be activated in case of assistance request for remote visual control of the situation of the machine. In addition to the webcam, we also provide special remote visual control software as an additional support, which can be installed on Android devices equipped with cameras or on smart glasses, supplied by us.


We said enough of the long and boring waits for technical assistance.

Thanks to our system, waiting times are reduced to the bare minimum, moreover, thanks to the support via camera, it allows us to provide resolutive and exhaustive real-time assistance.

We implement new surveillance and predictive maintenance technologies

Remote machine surveillance and predictive maintenance are all our machines need to function well, for a long time and without physical maintenance. It is with these goals ahead of us that we always study and implement new technologies to achieve this goal, in order to make the user experience on our robots as easy and lasting as possible.


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