Of course, all our machines and robots meet the standards for Industry 4.0. We have implemented a data management and archive software in each of our products, which is also available for installation on pre-existing machines. In addition, we can create a data management network both in the cloud and in the corporate network, to support the company's data archive, so that your management can search for additional data present in our system via MySql, saving many resources to recover data in real time from production; in cases where only the visual analysis of the data graphs is necessary for immediate reading, it is instead possible to use the control panel which is complete with functions suitable for the purpose, such as 2D and 3D graphs of various types. Through our panel, moreover, it is possible to carry out all possible modifications on the line, avoiding in any way influencing the safety functions. We also have simulation software for 3D graphics operations for our palletizer. We plan to extend the functionality of the simulation and programming platform to all robots that we are going to produce. We are working to be able to apply artificial intelligence to our control and programming software in order to make the creation of robotic work activities that normally require programming with cam software or on the machine with gcode language much simpler, more intuitive and faster.
Yes, we can carry out research and development to meet the particular needs of our customers, requesting in return an exclusive use with regards to our products or those we offer. For us, research and development are a fundamental enrichment factor in terms of capacity, which we would hardly be able to acquire in other ways. So if you have any need to develop a project to solve problems related to your production, do not hesitate to contact us.
Yes, we can make packaging lines. For the machines that make packaging, unless we can make it ourselves, we buy machines and / or components of proven quality also from countries outside the European Community. We therefore take care of adding the devices we produce and our robots, providing a complete and documented line with warranty, assistance and spare parts. Spare parts often come from our workshops even if the machines are purchased, this with a view to continuity (we know that after 10 years many manufacturers no longer make spare parts available, or even in a shorter time).
Our job is to provide complete palletizing lines. We manufacture palletizing robots, conveyor belts or rollers, and related control panels. The machines for forming the boxes or closing them are purchased and arranged in line according to the project. And what about filling the boxes? This is the reason why we normally use delta robots of the K1 series, but depending on the request the KR v4 multipurpose palletizer can be made both to fill the boxes and to place them on the pallets. We also use other robots to fill the boxes. For the packaging of the stretch film pallet we offer excellent machines at low costs.
To answer as concisely as possible to a question that would require a much more detailed answer, we can say that we do not simply buy robots and then install them, we DESIGN AND REALIZE them from scratch. We can modify or customize every single component or work program if our client or the type of project make it necessary. All the software in use, as well as those of the vision, motion control, data analysis, interfaces and other software, with the exception of the PLCs on board, are developed entirely by us. Written in standard languages, mostly in C / C ++, they are easy to manage, update and customize, which we are used to doing for any new customer.
Answering in the simplest possible way, we can say that a vision system is composed of a sensor (a camera of various nature) that stores light, and an intelligent logic (pc) with algorithms that allow to filter and process the received light. To understand the paths of light on your objects, think of the flash of a camera: everything that the flash illuminates, is imprinted, everything that the flash does not illuminate or, worse still, overshadows, cannot be collected and processed. These are essential physical limits of vision systems, while on the software side anything is possible.