Mechanical quotation and layout

GreenCobot, thanks to the many years of experience of the founding members, carries out feasibility and layout studies for your production plants for the packaging, handling and palletizing of your products in the main production sectors, with a particular focus on food and pharmaceutical production.

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We collaborate permanently with a group of professionals in the sector to give reliable answers from a regulatory, health and application point of view. In addition, we continuously implement technological updating to always offer the best competitive technologies. 3D and collaborative design is for us one of the cornerstones for customer response, in terms of creating the best possible layouts for the required applications.

    The collaboration with the customer becomes the real difference and the real strength of our layout study offer. Active collaboration with real-time data exchange allows us to achieve better integration between customer needs and possible technological responses.

Our innovative technologies allow us to offer different solutions that are also valid for the years to come for problem solving and technological solution for investments.

The years to come are the real test for a productive investment. Will a productive investment prove competitive and modern even in 5 or 10 years? This is the real challenge that GreenCobot plans to win together with the customer.

Programming and verification of layouts with 3D scanning technology of the premises

It is the new way of working that reinvents the relief and illustration of technological proposals. How often do you have to lengthen a conveyor belt or have to make small changes on site to adapt the systems ordered to the factory layout, as that delivered to the supplier no longer corresponds to the current shape of the premises? 3D workplace scanning corrects this problem in a way never experienced before.


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