Mia Keeper - Pallettizing Cobot 40kg

Designed to simplify palletizing operations in the major sectors of the manufacturing industry. The washable IP68 stainless steel construction makes it ideal for use in food and non-food environments. Ask for more information.





Palletizer MiaKeeper
Powerful, Unique & Reliable

Maximum capacity of 35 kg and an arm width of 1780 mm, it can palletise up to three stations on floor pallets with a maximum height of 2600 mm. Four possible stations for the product loading and centering belt and interlayer warehouse that can be customized according to needs.

Guaranteed speed with single socket of six boxes per minute, i.e. 360 per hour, in case of double socket at 720 boxes per hour, in case of triple socket at 1080.


Compact & Repositionable
Compact & Repositionable

MIA Keeper was designed to give excellent performance with the smallest amount of space available. This is to offer companies with a limited production surface area the advantage of powerful, compact and reliable automation.

Minimum total floor space of just 800x1500 mm and can be REPOSITIONED.

Mobile Consolle
Mobile Touchscreen Interface

MIA Keeper is integrated with a control and vision system (RSM), which is responsible for coordinating the work operations and parameter modification of one or more robots.

Operator-machine communication takes place via a touchscreen interface, placed on a stainless steel console on IP68 P-cap wheels, standard 15" or optional 19" format, which has simple controls suitable for non-specialist operators. For those who are experts, however, it offers the possibility of customizing the work cycle in a practical and intuitive way.





Opc Ua settings interaces
RSM Assistant

Furthermore, on a normal VNC/VPN connection, the RSM Assistant is always enabled for remote control.
In addition to solving the most common problems, this can carry out machine diagnostics for predictive maintenance and can carry out updates with new features requested by the customer, without the need for on-site intervention.

Furthermore, the RSM assistant can be equipped with a GreenAnalisys client OPC UA fieldbus server provided by GreenCobot, which in addition to making an Industry 4.0 connection allows remote automation control.





Collaborative Robot Payload 40Kg
Integrated Security

The movement technologies used for MiaKeeper are based on the same movement systems present in the GC arms which allow them to be certified as collaborative. The certification started in January 2024 can take from 12 to 24 months, which is why the Keeper robot will be sold immediately as a traditional robot and then converted into a collaborative one at no additional cost.

Additional Features
“Green” consumption

MIA Cobot capable of working at full capacity with an average energy consumption of 2800 Watts.





Endless constumization possibilities

The palletizer can be made and equipped for any need with customized socket and accessories up to a customized interface for particular needs.

RSM management system

The extremely high precision control system benefits from both an integrated self-diagnosis system and its own database.

Safe and certified materials

MIA Cobot is made of reliable, resistant and innovative materials, which guarantee the efficiency and speed of the robot's operations. On request it is also possible to configure it in such a way as to be certified for use in the food industry.


  • IP68 stabilized stainless steel body

  • Control and automation electronics inside the machine body

  • Integrated management and self-diagnosis system

  • Low consumption

  • Small dimensions - minimum floor space 800x1500mm

  • Infinite customization possibilities

  • Certifiable for food use<


  • Various models available

  • AISI 304 stainless steel, anticorodal aluminum and composite fibres

  • Installation on the ground and stabilized structure

  • 5 axes

  • 1750 kg total machine weight

  • 800x1500 mm minimum floor space

  • Elevator 2800 mm

  • Voltage 400V 3F+N

  • Power 1000W

  • Signal I/O Std 16+16

  • Noise pollution max 70dB


The system integrated into each GreenCobot machine is the result of a long period of development which has allowed us to program an intuitive, fast and complete system. The interface clearly presents all the control buttons for each robot present in the line, allowing the control of more than one at the same time. For those who are not familiar with packaging operations, the software constitutes a precious aid, thanks to its integrated database in which all the main palletising programs are present, already pre-set and ready for use. For those who are already experts, there is the possibility of creating customized programs that remain in memory for future use. The RSM management software can be further integrated (as an option) by a vision system which further simplifies remote management and assistance.