Award-winning quality

We deeply care about the quality of our machines.


Hight Control

All our robots are tested for a long time in our workshop and we only advertise them if they meet all our quality standards. We are also proceeding to certify all our machines at the main European bodies in the field of Clean Design and Safety, clearly in addition to the existing legal certifications.

Our components are of proven durability. Over time we have been able to create a skimming among the suppliers, testing the various mechanical and electrical components and selecting the best value for money.

A component that costs half and lasts 25% less than another is not a good component for us.

This is our philosophy regarding the components. In current times, the cost of repairs is much greater than the benefit that can be drawn from it as a balance sheet item. Repairs certainly bring turnover, but they take precious time away from new projects and continuous innovation. For this reason, it is not our priority to install components that force us to carry out too many maintenance.

We want to hear from customers only for new implementations.

This is our goal of duration: to be contacted by the customer only because he has glimpsed different possibilities of use than the original and asks us to implement new features.

Being contacted by the customer due to any breakdowns or breakages for us is a symptom of a bad realization on our part, too and the call can take place after a few years: it still forces us to completely review the project to check other possible flaws and to consider new improvements for future projects. For us it is an obligation!