Top-class, 24/7 support

GreenCobot has developed a cutting-edge technical and operational support system.

Industria 4.0

Industry 4.0

Remote inspections and teaching sessions at the highest quality.

We use remote controls on SSH tunneling for the best security and data protection on our customers' machines. We install surveillance web-cams that can be activated in case of assistance request for remote visual control of the machine situation. We also have remote visual control software as an additional support, which can be installed on Android devices with cameras or on smart glasses supplied by us.

We said stop about the long and annoying wait for technical assistance.

Goodbye to appointments with the technician for basic instructions or annoying small accidents typical of the first times that operators use new automations or new robots. We decided to eliminate downtime pending the technician's physical arrival, or the second repair appointments because it was not possible to locate the breakages with the operator by speaking only on the phone.